1. Choose your flavors!

Static Flavors

Enjoy our static flavors, available every day, year round!

Thai Tea

Chocolate Custard

Plain Tart

California Strawberry

Hawaiian Pineapple Sorbet

Cookies N' Creme

Matcha Gelato

Rotational Flavor

Here at YogurtWorld, we’re committed to delivering fresh and unique flavors for all of our customers! Our menu is always changing, and we offer 17 unique rotational flavors, available on different days of the week. Check out our Instagram for our current monthly flavors and flavor schedule!

2. Spoon your toppings!

At YogurtWorld, we believe in the freedom to customize your orders however you wish! That’s why we offer 74 unique toppings and 8 sauces to help you do just that!

Some of our toppings include, but most certainly are not limited to: popping boba, mochi, fruits, various jellies, candy, chocolate, and more!

3. Weigh and pay!

At YogurtWorld, we charge per ounce. Our prices vary, so visit our store or call in at (858) 452-8889 for current, up-to-date prices.